Honoree - Online Endorphin Factory
2015 Honoree

Online Endorphin Factory

Advertising & Media
Websites, Micro Sites, and Rich Media
Health, Wellness, Pharmaceutical

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  • Creative Director
    Viktor Shkurba
    ISD Group
  • Strategy Director
    Mikchael Traverse
    ISD Group
  • Technical Director
    Alexander Savin
    ISD Group
  • Lead Developer
    Andrew Sergeev
    ISD Group
  • Creative Group Head
    Stanislav Stoyatsky
    ISD Group
  • Art Director
    Natalia Tachinskaya
    ISD Group
  • New Business Director
    Alina Revenko
    ISD Group
  • Copywriter
    Galina Fesenko
    ISD Group
  • Copywriter
    Dima Figol
    ISD Group
  • Designer
    Sergey Komlev
    ISD Group
  • Programmer
    Aleksey Nasirov
    ISD Group
  • Head of Analyst
    Vladmir Bilets
    ISD Group
  • Analyst
    Oksana Marchenko
    ISD Group
  • Account Director
    Anna Kumaritova
    ISD Group
  • Account Manager
    Svetlana Mironchuk
    ISD Group

About the Health, Wellness, Pharmaceutical category

Sites that promote personal health and well-being on behalf of a brand or organization. These include medical services, prescription medicine, alternative medicine, health and lifestyle, and fitness.




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