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Thank you my fellow teenagers

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Tumblr's 5 Word Speech


  • "Build first, ask questions later."

  • More Than 5 Words

    Describe your nominated project—give us your elevator pitch.
    Appearance brings the visual customizability of Tumblr blogs to our mobile applications. With millions of combinations, users can easily make their blog — and Tumblr identity — beautiful and distinctive in our Android and iOS apps.

    What made your work unique and how did that present obstacles for you to overcome?
    Profiles, in our business, tend to be one size fits all. The challenge was: On two platforms with very constrained resources, format restrictions and challenging rendering tools, how do we provide our users with the right canvas that celebrates the notion of personal expression and individuality unique to Tumblr? How do we break the social media industry’s design philosophy mold where a profile page looks exactly like the everybody else’s?

    When did you first know that this work was something special?
    We knew we were on to something very soon after the creative team's designs were presented. While we were building the product, there were only a handful of us with custom blogs. We couldn’t wait to push out the release and see the inevitable explosion of new, wonderful and insanely creative blogs. The ultimate outcome and user excitement permeating throughout the network was extremely powerful, special and a proud moment in time for us at Tumblr.

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Mobile sites or apps that set an industry standard of excellence for user experience with innovative design and user centered functionality.




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