Webby Award Winner - Amikasa
2015 Webby Award Winner


Mobile Sites & Apps
Lifestyle (Tablet & All Other Devices)

Everyone invited. A-mi-kasa.

INDG's 5-Word Speech



  • "Never think you are done."

  • More Than 5 Words

    Briefly summarize your nominated project for someone who is unfamiliar with your work. Think of this as your elevator pitch.
    Amikasa is an interior design visualization platform, used by enthusiasts, home buyers, retailers and brands. We started by launching an app that allows anyone to build, restyle and decorate their homes. Furniture pieces can be seen through augmented reality in your real room as if they are there. Contrary to the way other apps work, with Amikasa you do not need any marker. Anyone can use it at any moment.

    What made your project stand out in your industry/field and unique from the rest? What obstacles did that present and how did you overcome them?
    Every augmented reality app we saw was really difficult to use. You need a marker, like a brochure or the front page of a magazine, so that the app knows where and how to place the product. Also, many of the 3D visuals looked quite cartoony. Using algorithms that understand the real space and its 3D geometry, we started to make it possible to simply place an object just like that. No need for a marker anymore. By using the light information captured from the device's camera, the app can make the products look like they really fit into the scene. We are not there yet, but it is starting to look more and more as if the furniture is there in reality.

    When did you first know that this work was going to be something special?
    The first time we handed an iPad to someone we thought his amazement was a singular event. But having seen more of these cases we have tentatively started to believe we might on to something.

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