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  • "If an aspect of a project inspires or interests you, start there."

  • More Than 5 Words

    What inspired you most to follow your dreams/vision while working on this project?
    The Curious teachers! At Curious, we’re honored to receive content from 1,500 expert teachers around the world. We curate the lessons and courses, filled with the knowledge that our teachers want to share with others, and present it in a delightful and powerful way.

    What made your project stand out in your industry/field and unique from the rest? What obstacles did that present and how did you overcome them?
    We scoured the Web to find the best teachers on hundreds of subjects, made sure it met a certain level of quality, and then designed a service to capture the authenticity of our teachers and engage our learners with a method that works. Recently called the ‘Netflix of learning’, CuriousTV was designed for learners to lean back, spend time and learn new skills.

    When did you first know that this work was going to be something special?
    When we started building out the 10 channels to include so much amazing content, we realized that CuriousTV would showcase the content in a way that could get more people learning. We wanted to create an entertaining learning experience that truly helped people learn new skills.


  • CEO, co-founder
    Justin Kitch
  • CTO, co-founder
    Thai Bui

About the How-To & DIY category

Individual episodes, and/or series/shows of original content may be entered, focused on how-to instructional topics, or do-it-yourself programming in all subject areas--home and lifestyle, family and parenting, fashion and beauty etc...




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