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The Good Day Blimp Project

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The Good Day Blimp Project
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The Good Day Blimp Project

  • "Don’t overthink it."

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    What inspired you most to follow your dreams/vision while working on this project?
    We grew up listening to rap, more specifically, west coast rap. Ice Cube and “It Was a Good Day” are legendary. So much so, that people everywhere kept guessing as to which day the ‘Good Day’ actually took place. That is until the Internet impressively figured it out what day Ice Cube was rapping about - January 20, 1992. Using that date as a hook, we (along with thousands of other Ice Cube fans) wanted to make Ice Cube’s vision of his name on a blimp a reality.

    What made your project stand out in your industry/field and unique from the rest? What obstacles did that present and how did you overcome them?
    Usually corporations are asking people for something, whether it’s money for a new product or their time while promoting their brand across various media channels. This time it was the people asking a corporation for something. Something in the name of good. Even so, we made quite a ridiculous request to a giant corporation. That’s nothing to take lightly, but we stayed the course. We reached out to friends and family, made calls, got hung-up on, made more calls, made a stink enough to get noticed. Lo and behold, the Internet had our backs. They made it possible.

    When did you first know that this work was going to be something special?
    We got our campaign off the ground in under 30 days - during peak holiday season. We’re talking a campaign video, designing and building our website, PR, etc. We worked hard. We knew something was good was happening. When we finally launched the first week of January, our story broke on Buzzfeed, followed by CNN, Time, Fast Company, and many other publications. Then the unthinkable happened. The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon had Ice Cube on as a guest. After some light convo, Jimmy brought up our project to Cube. Jimmy plugged it. Cube co-signed.The audience ate it up. With Ice Cube in our corner, we knew our goal was in sight. We knew it was going to be special.


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