Webby Award Winner - Louis Rossetto & Jane Metcalfe
2015 Webby Award Winner

Louis Rossetto & Jane Metcalfe

Special Achievement
Special Achievement
Webby Lifetime Achievement

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Louis Rossetto & Jane Metcalfe

The Webby Awards are thrilled to honor Louis Rossetto and Jane Metcalfe with a Lifetime Achievement award for founding Wired Magazine. When Rossetto and Metcalfe launched Wired in 1993, mainstream digital culture was just emerging. Since its inception, Wired has made sense of a transforming world, covering how technology changes every aspect of our lives. To this day, Wired is the preeminent magazine examining how technology affects culture, politics, and the economy. The magazine itself has had a massive impact on popular culture, coining now commonly-used terms like longtail and crowdsourcing. Its archives are a collected history of the technology industry, marking the rise of companies, entrepreneurs and trends. For their vision in founding Wired at a time when now prevalent technology like email was still novel, and creating a publication that has dramatically impacted popular culture, it is our great privilege to honor Louis Rossetto and Jane Metcalfe with 2015’s Webby Lifetime Achievement.

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