2015 Honoree

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  • Chief Digital Officer
    Rachel Haot
    New York State
  • Director of Digital Products
    Christina Cioffe
    New York State
  • Director of Digital Communications
    Grace Cheung
    New York State
  • NY.Gov General Manager
    Melanie Galinski
    New York State
  • NY.Gov User Experience Manager
    Jessica Harrison
    New York State
  • Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing Officier
    Harvey Cohen
    New York State
  • EVP, Marketing and State Strategy
    Rich Newman
    New York State
  • Chief Technology Officer
    Kishor Bagul
    New York State
  • Project Manager
    Gordon Paul
    New York State
  • Enterprise Architect
    Luke Charde
    New York State
  • Managing Partner, Product Design Group
    Mike Treff
    Code and Theory
  • Director, Creative Strategy
    Matthieu Mingasson
    Code and Theory
  • Creative Director
    Mariana Bukvic
    Code and Theory
  • Senior Producer
    Samuel Brewster
    Code and Theory
  • Senior User Experience Designer
    Sandra Davila
    Code and Theory
  • Art Director
    Shawn Hoekstra
    Code and Theory
  • Technical Director
    Valentine Mourzenok
    Code and Theory
  • Senior Developer
    Karthik Naini
    Code and Theory
  • QA Engineer
    David Hyun
    Code and Theory
  • Junior User Experience Designer
    Katherine Robinson
    Code and Theory
  • Visual Designer
    Micah Lindenberger
    Code and Theory
  • Senior Visual Designer
    Antonio Moton
    Code and Theory

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Sites providing information and services pertaining to government matters. These include sites that enable online citizen action, offer self-help information, publish government documents and forms, and provide access to services provided by government agencies.




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