Honoree - #ShareHumanity
2016 Honoree


Social Content and Marketing
Public Service & Activism

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  • Cheif Creative Officer
    Alfonso Marian
  • Creative Director
    Chris Rowson
  • Creative Director
    Bastien Bauman
  • Senior Copywriter
    Chad Johnson
  • Senior Art Director
    Lauren Van Aswegen
  • Design Director
    Francesco Bertelli
  • Artist in Residence
    Emily Rinehart
  • Copywriter
    Allison Lackey
  • Junior Copywriter
    Jenny Wagstaff
  • Art Director
    Line Johnsen
  • Art Director
    Raj Ramamurthy
  • Copywriter
    Conor Sheridan
  • Copywriter
    Zoe Lyle
  • Art Director
    Alex Delgado
  • Director of Creative Strategy
    Jeremy Wilson
  • Associate Director
    Chris Heydt
  • Strategist
    Seth Greenberg
  • Creative Strategist
    Elli Hanson
  • Strategist
    Michelle Wiles
  • Planner
    Ella Mitchell
  • Senior Social Strategist
    David Cyngiser
  • Senior Executive Producer/Director
    Akiko Nakashima
  • Producer
    Habi Magassa
  • Producer
    Swati Prassad
  • Executive Director of Print Production
    Rachel Fuller
  • Senior Print Producer
    Barbara Waldorf
  • Associate Director of Print Production
    Don Hansen
  • Director, Studio
    Alex Ng
  • Retouching Manager
    Thomas Graf
  • Assoc. Director, Technology Manager
    Ian Crowley
  • Director, Technology Severside Practice
    Nate Jones
  • Front End Developer
    Brian Hersey
  • Application Developer
    Joseph Laquinte
  • Director of Quality Assurance
    Raul Morales
  • Senior Quality Assurance Architecture
    Allison Rowley
  • Group Director, Digital User Experience Architect
    Sanjay Cherubala
  • Director, User Experience
    Dan Kawasaki
  • Senior Technical Arichitect
    Hari Niranjan
  • Senior Technical Manager
    Edward Szeto
  • Creative Technology, Director
    Kaare Wesnaes
  • Application Developer
    Lynn Maharas
  • Senior Analyst
    Surbhi Gupta
  • Intern
    Shivani Trehan
  • Director of Digital Production
    Todd Warren
  • Senior Editor
    Ian Marks
  • Assistant Editor
    Julio Martinez
  • President, OgilvyOne
    Dimitri Maex
  • Management Supervisor
    Luke Taylor
  • Executive Vice President
    Melissa Smith
  • Account Director
    Seth Grugle
  • Vice President
    Jeanine Feyen
  • Senior Account Executive
    Samantha Liang
  • Assistant Account Executive
    Katherine Espinosa
  • Assistant Account Executive
    Dylan Armstrong
  • Managing Director
    Kim Kozma
    Ogilvy One Media
  • Media Director
    Jema Jang
    Ogilvy One Media
  • Assistant Media Planner
    Victoria Kulbanska
    Ogilvy One Media
  • Assistant Media Planner
    Gabriella Lewis
    Ogilvy One Media
  • Client Finance Analyst
    Kirsten Jensen
  • Associate Director, Client Finance
    Paul Ayestas

About the Public Service & Activism category

Social media services and platforms dedicated to public service and activism pursuits. Platform agnostic—enter any and all social media that best exemplify your work.




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