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The Webby for Good, produced in partnership with WP Engine, is a showcase of Webby-honored projects and campaigns that are promoting social good in the world.

Describe your project. What is it, what was the elevator pitch?

18-24-year-old guys have the ideal biology to be bone marrow donors for those suffering from life-threatening blood diseases like Leukemia and Lymphoma. We introduced this young male audience to their unique opportunity to save a life as bone marrow donors by demonstrating how being young and male qualifies them to save a life, despite all the oddities that come with being young and male.

What key challenges did you face with this project?

We had to make this inundated audience (guys 18-24) aware of a brand they’d never heard of, help them understand what bone marrow transplantation is and why it’s necessary for patients, and move them through an online registration process full of personal questions and medical language.

When working on this project, what were some of the most important conversations you had with your team?

We were very conscious about balancing a tone that would catch the attention of this audience without taking away from the seriousness of what it means to be a donor. We needed to be honest about the donation process through our educational tactics and informative partner collaborations like our Reddit AMA. We had to make sure we were accurately representing the donor commitment while also making it approachable for our audience.

What did you learn from working on this project that you didn't know going into it? Did anything come out of it that surprised you, or that you weren't expecting?

While most cause organizations focus on creating empathy for the people in need, we uncovered a deeper, truer motivation for this audience. For young men, the decision to become a bone marrow donor is self-motivated and self-affirming. This insight fueled our creative approach, putting potential young male donors at the center of our campaign.


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