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The Webby for Good, produced in partnership with WP Engine, is a showcase of Webby-honored projects and campaigns that are promoting social good in the world.

Describe your project. What is it, what was the elevator pitch?

"“A Love Story” is an original, animated short film that follows the two young entrepreneurs, Evie and Ivan, and the escalating rivalry that leads them to build valueless fast food empires. The film was directed by Saschka Unseld (Pixar’s The Blue Umbrella, Oculus’s LOST) and produced by Passion Pictures.

The film continues Chipotle’s tradition of animated shorts and innovative content that educate people about food culture to “Cultivate A Better World.” “A Love Story” mirrors the real history of how fast food declined in quality through competition and marketing schemes. "

What key challenges did you face with this project? And how did you overcome them?

The project just started animation production when Chipotle faced a corporate crisis on a national scale - one that would dramatically reduce the company's value and negatively impact its image. At that moment, a choice was made to continue the project under one maxim: to be honest and self-aware every step of the way. We considered every frame, every note, every moment under these circumstances.

What was the most rewarding aspect of working on your project?

"While there were incredible and rewarding creative aspects to ""A Love Story,"" the most rewarding was seeing what the film meant to so many people.

A little animated short, that the very act of making reminded every employee of Chipotle what they stand for in the world, fans why they love the brand, and eaters everywhere that their food choices can “Cultivate A Better World.”


  • Production/Animation Passion Pictures
  • Director Saschka Unseld Passion Pictures

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