Webby Award Winner - Steve Buscemi
2017 Webby Award Winner

Steve Buscemi

Special Achievement
Special Achievement
Webby Best Actor

Gratitude. Honored. Louis, love you.

Steve Buscemi

The Webby Awards is pleased to honor Steve Buscemi with the 2017 Webby Actor of the Year Award for his role in Horace and Pete. The web series, released exclusively online, is an excellent example of the kinds of innovative work that can happen when artists take their work straight to the Internet: As described by series creator Louis C.K., the show is considered a tragedy—not something traditional TV audiences are used to seeing, which makes the Internet the perfect medium for it. The show’s unique tone and themes, and its relevance to current events, combined with Buscemi’s formidable talent, have made Horace and Pete a must-watch. For showing us an entirely new form of “comedy” with his performance and demonstrating the sheer power of content released solely online, it is our great privilege to honor Steve Buscemi with the Webby Actor of the Year Award.

Steve Buscemi's 5-Word Speech at the 21st Annual Webby Awards





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