Nominee - Hugendubel Smartbon
2018 Nominee

Hugendubel Smartbon

Advertising, Media, & PR
Technical Achievement


  • General Manager
    Shin Oh
    Interone BBDO
  • Creative Director
    Christina Rasp
    Interone BBDO
  • Creative Director
    Gregor Myszor
    Interone BBDO
  • Art Director
    Matthias Raggosnig
    Interone BBDO
  • Copywriter
    Dominik Schneck
    Interone BBDO
  • Technologie
    Marco Schuster
    Interone BBDO
  • Project Manager
    Anna-Katharina Pelzel
    Interone BBDO

About the Technical Achievement category

Online experiences produced on behalf of a brand that set an industry standard by using new, innovative, web technology in an outstanding way that improves the overall experience.

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