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Webby for Good is a collaborative program formed by The Webby Awards and WP Engine to showcase Webby-recognized projects built to change the world.

Describe your Webby-nominated project. What’s the elevator pitch?

The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation, with the support of RPA, is working to combat childhood cancer with their recently established Imaginary Friend Society. This heartwarming project features a collection of 20 animated short films that provide comforting, empowering narratives for children undergoing cancer treatment. Mill+ was honored to create one of the films, "Losing Your Hair," directed by Lisha Tan–which brings to life a colorful, 3D-animated imaginary friend named Jerry.

What was the most rewarding aspect of working on your project? What did you learn in the process that you didn't know/expect going into it?

The team was honored to have had the opportunity to be part of this project. Not only was it a pleasure to work on a portion of it, but it was inspiring to see so many companies come together to create something bigger. Opportunities to work on projects like this don’t come around every day and it was a privilege to be part of it.

What real-world impact were you hoping to make with this project? Did the real-world impact meet your expectations?

The intention of the animated piece was to create a comforting, educational film to empower those navigating through childhood cancer.

Did your team have a specific “breakthrough” or “a-ha” moment while formulating or executing this project?

This was a collaborative effort as almost everyone in the Mill+ department chipped in their time modeling a prop or two between other projects, or painting a background, or animating a shot in their downtime. It was inspiring for the team to see the elements come together like that.

What was the most significant challenge that arose during your work on this?

It was challenging to make light of a tough subject; figuring out how to tell the story in a way that was comforting and entertaining at the same time.


  • Director Lisha Tan Mill+
  • Executive Producer Elizabeth Newman Mill+
  • Producer Anica Douglass Mill+
  • Creative Director Lisha Tan The Mill
  • Creative Directors Justin Demetrician The Mill
  • Lead Character Design Ren Chen The Mill
  • Designer Lisha Tan The Mill
  • Designer Helen Hsu The Mill
  • Designer Sasha Vinogradova The Mill
  • Lead Animator Kyle Moore The Mill
  • Animator Justin Demetrician The Mill
  • Animator Tim Devlin The Mill
  • Animator Jason Kang The Mill
  • Senior Vice President, Executive Creative Director Jason Sperling RPA
  • Senior Vice President, Chief Production Officer Gary Paticoff RPA
  • Producer Ryan Radley RPA

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Animated video content that integrates products or services on behalf of a brand in order to convey a marketing message in an entertaining way.