Webby Award Winner - David Harbour
2018 Webby Award Winner

David Harbour

Special Achievement
Special Achievement
Webby Best Actor

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David Harbour

The 22nd Annual Webby Awards is honoring David Harbour with a 2018 Webby Special Achievement Award for capturing the hearts of audiences in his starring role in Netflix’s smash hit Stranger Things.

Since its premiere in 2016, Stranger Things has taken the Internet by storm as the streaming economy’s breakout series, with Harbour, playing Jim Hopper, at its helm. Not only does his performance as the complex sheriff drive the show, it also helps illustrate the power of online platforms to tell genre-bending stories that are as (or more than) capable of succeeding as their networked competitors. With Harbour as a fan-favorite, his stunning performance not only helps drive the series’ success but also its place at the center of digital culture.

What’s more, Harbour is masterful in his use of social media to engage fans, spread positivity, and entertain millions with his comedy—from challenging a fan to gain over 125K retweets in exchange for a wedding ordained by Harbour himself, to using Instagram to send a supporter to the series Season 2 premiere.

For his groundbreaking work as Jim Hopper in Stranger Things, for using his platform to spread positivity and feel-good moments, and for pioneering as an actor in the streaming age, it is our privilege to honor David Harbour with a Special Achievement Award.

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