Webby Award Winner - Jesse Williams
2018 Webby Award Winner

Jesse Williams

Special Achievement
Special Achievement
Webby Special Achievement

Afraid? Okay. Do it afraid.

Jesse Williams

The 22nd Annual Webby Awards is excited to honor Jesse Williams with a Special Achievement Award this year for his multiple efforts in tech, including his recent inclusive game BLeBRiTY, and his online activism.

With BLeBRiTY, Williams has invited communities of color into the app and gaming world that far too often caters to a narrow set of pop culture and entertainment. By releasing BLeBRiTY, Williams has also called widespread attention to the fact that entertainment apps often leave out black communities, and the need for the tech space to support more black entrepreneurs.

This combination of entertainment and activism isn’t unique to Williams’ release of BLeBRiTY: It’s been the running theme through his other apps and efforts too, from representing more of the very communities that are building the Internet through emoji and gifs with Ebroji; to connecting students with scholarships through Scholly. Williams further uses his massive social media following to call attention to important causes he’s a part of, like Advancement Project, raising awareness and inspiring action around hugely important social issues like stopping the school-to-prison pipeline.

For using his power of celebrity to make important advances in the tech space on behalf of marginalized communities and to inspire activism online and off, it is our pleasure to honor Jesse Williams with a 2018 Webby Special Achievement Award.

About the Webby Special Achievement category

Special Achievement honors those whose work has improved upon the experience and capabilities of the Internet in novel and impactful ways.




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