Webby Award Winner - Greta Thunberg
2019 Webby Award Winner

Greta Thunberg

Special Achievement
Special Achievement
Webby Social Movement of the Year


Greta Thunberg

The 23rd Annual Webby Awards is humbled to present the Webby for Social Movement of the Year to Greta Thunberg for igniting a global movement for climate justice led by youth activists, and for using the Internet to draw the world’s attention to the urgent issue of climate change. As we face glaring scientific evidence that the planet is in perilous condition, requiring immediate, global action, elected leaders all over the world are failing in their responsibility to pass even the most modest protections—with many instead undoing years of progress. But thanks to Greta Thunberg, youth activists worldwide are doing just the opposite and are literally removing themselves from school every Friday in order to demand change.

By sharing her first school strike on Twitter and Instagram in August 2018, Thunberg was able to go viral with her message from moment one and has used the Internet to spread facts, and to organize fellow activists. Using hashtags #FridaysForFuture and #Climatestrike she has organized thousands of students around the world to use their voices and to strike from school until serious changes are made. For using the Internet to inspire an urgent global movement on behalf of climate justice, it is our great privilege to honor Greta Thunberg with the Webby Award for Social Movement of the Year.

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An important social movement amplified by use of the Internet, wielding social media as a megaphone to amplify and disseminate powerful and impactful messages—rallying disparate or overlooked voices.

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