Webby Award Winner - Hasan Minhaj
2019 Webby Award Winner

Hasan Minhaj

Special Achievement
Special Achievement
Webby Special Achievement

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Hasan Minhaj

The 23rd Annual Webby Awards is thrilled to honor Hasan Minhaj with a 2019 Webby Special Achievement Award for his outstanding work with his Netflix show “Patriot Act.” Where others have struggled to make the talk show format succeed on streaming, Hasan Minhaj has created a dynamic, fast-paced, super-Internetty, funny, deep, and informative show that is unlike anything audiences are receiving elsewhere. As a highly stylized, comedy news series, “Patriot Act” is a refreshing addition to the streaming canon that makes excellent use of the Internet to keep fans engaged through additional interactive content like “Hasan Responds” that further embed Minhaj with digital culture and make his show a must-watch.

What’s more, as a Muslim-American and a son of immigrants, Hasan Minhaj brings a perspective to “Patriot Act” that is lacking across news programs and television in general, one that further opens the doors for other people of color and Muslims in media and entertainment, and one that helps people everywhere broaden their own understanding of the world. For his fantastic work with “Patriot Act,” and for diversifying what’s possible through streaming in terms of content, format, and representation, we are thrilled to honor Hasan Minhaj with a Webby Special Achievement Award.

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Special Achievement honors those whose work has improved upon the experience and capabilities of the Internet in novel and impactful ways.




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