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BRIC Arts & Media

Websites and Mobile Sites: Best Responsive & Adaptive Design for Mobile / Webby Nominee


Emily Lessard, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Bellweather Agency

“We knew for this client that we were going to have a lot of videos, assets and animations. We knew there were going to be a lot of complex server calls to build these pages. WP Engine, from our experience, has always been the fastest for these types of complex builds.” 

The Challenge

For over 40 years, BRIC has been a cultural and community leader in Brooklyn. In 2023, they aimed to reintroduce themselves as a cultural digital-first powerhouse through a website relaunch. The challenge was to transform BRIC’s video-led, community-focused legacy site into a mobile-first content platform. The previous 5,000+ page website had content and data siloed across multiple platforms. Videos were housed separately from events, which were housed separately from classes. Additionally, the design did not reflect the forward-thinking nature of BRIC and its artists, events, and audiences.

The Solution

Our solution was to reinvent data and design to deliver a brand-forward, mobile-first site. We began by developing a new data strategy to consolidate 40 years of content. We conducted multiple workshops and working sessions with the client to ensure the data and backend suited their needs. From this work, we rebuilt the data strategy and information architecture to integrate content and events into one WordPress environment, delivering an excellent UX alongside programmatic efficiencies for the client. The design and development brought the strategy to life through a brand-forward UI that significantly increased engagement. The final website positions BRIC exactly where it should be: at the forefront of cultural life in Brooklyn and beyond.

The Results

The new site delivered a trifecta of results: happy client teams, more engaged audiences, and industry accolades. The digital overhaul extends beyond a traditional website to a dynamic content platform that seamlessly integrates video, making BRIC’s vast array of offerings easily accessible and engaging for a mobile-savvy audience. Our collaborative effort resulted in a user-friendly, accessible, and visually striking digital space. We prioritized accessibility, improved navigation, and reorganized content to create a clearer hierarchy. The new website highlights BRIC’s mission and creative offerings, inviting users to explore, engage, and participate in Brooklyn’s vibrant cultural scene like never before. The site also earned three Webby nominations, including Websites and Mobile Sites - Best Responsive/Adaptive Design for Mobile, Websites and Websites and Mobile Sites - Best Mobile Visual Design - Function.

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