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Websites and Mobile Sites: Best Home Page / Webby Honoree


Robin Bennefield, Director, Editorial Content at Marriott International

 “We created this very immersive multimedia rich experience in one very visually compelling space.”

The Challenge

Show consumers that the Marriott Bonvoy portfolio of over 30 hotel brands is synonymous with elevated design and increased awareness of the portfolio overall.

The Solution

We created an immersive, media-rich landing page to showcase the design stories behind extraordinary hotels across the Marriott Bonvoy portfolio of hotel brands. We turned to creative visionaries to tell these stories in film, podcast, and article formats and we brought these narratives together in a visually compelling space.

Crafted with simplicity and elegance in mind, the page incorporates inspirational imagery, subtle sweeping animations, an interactive design guide, an intuitive video player, slideshows and hotel spotlights, creating a cohesive experience while showcasing the individuality of several hotel brands.

The Results

In 2023, we saw 1.14 million visits to the Travel by Design landing page with time spent of 6.31 minutes (45% above average) engaging with the stories featured on page. On average 80 percent of people engaging with an on-page sentiment survey responded positively to the content, saying that the content improved their awareness the hotel brands featured were a part the Marriott Bonvoy portfolio of hotel brands.

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