The Webby Awards’ famous “5-Word Speech” keeps our celebrations vibrant and exciting. Below are winner and special achievement speeches from theĀ 18 years of Webby celebrations from the old days in San Francisco to more recent shows in New York City.



CBS Interactive: "Webbys, your MetaScore is 100."
CP+B: "Our moms finally get GIFs."
Personal Blog/Website
Reasons My Son Is Crying: "only raccoons talk about poop."
Mario Batali LLC: "Thanks! We can't count."


Twitch: "praise be to the healers."
Microsoft: "Here's to dreaming, innovating and creating. Thank you."
Artsy: "Minimalism? Post-minimalism? Thank you Webbys."


Best Practices
Google: "E5, E5, E5 and cards."
Best Visual Design - Function
Vimeo: "Seriously. Please pay the artists!"
Best Use of Photography
National Geographic Society: "Once was lost, now Found."
Best Use of Photography
BETC: "Graffiti here, graffiti there, everywhere!"


WebMD: "health information you can trust."
CP+B: "Our moms finally get GIFs."
Religion & Spirituality
Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly: "I would like to first thank..."
Religion & Spirituality
On Being: "Shhh. Listen. Listen. Listen. Listen."
The Huffington Post: "This mommy says: Thank you!"
PBS KIDS Digital: "math will set you free."


Google: "Play. Shop. Play. Shop. Play."
Professional Services
Mekanism: "Wait what?! 500 word speech?!"
Flavor: "is it on? ok? shit!"
Food & Drink
Stag&Hare: "I think my water broke!"
inTacto Digital Partner: "Si, papa, ganamos un Webby!"
Professional Services
Cornett-IMS: "Beardvertising for the motherfucking WIN!"
Corporate Communications
72andSunny: "A: boom boom bill would be proud. B: "". C: ."


Movie & Film
WatsonDG: "Odds are in our favor."
Blog - Cultural
THE WEEK/mental_floss: "Lobsters pee from their faces."
The New York Times: "All the thanks that fit!"


Real Estate
Zillow: "Zillow: the selfie for homes!"


NOAA: "Earth: our home, NOAA's mission."
NOAA: "Climate education investments create solutions."
NASA: "we're taking this to mars"
Politics "can you handle the truth?!"
Blog - Political
Truthdig: "You CAN handle the truth."
Charitable Organizations/Non-Profit
Lowe Roche: "Um, shit does that count?"
City & Urban Innovation
Here's My Chance: "Now accepting lucrative acquisition offers!"
Blog - Political
The Atlantic: "Covering politics since James Buchanan."
The Internet Association: "Dear Congress: protect Internet freedom."
CampusTours Inc.: "george washington, still revolutionary. visit!"
Charitable Organizations/Non-Profit
A Hundred Years: "poverty sucks. help ended."
smartassdesign: "Let me start by saying..."
Penn Law School: "winners beyond a reasonable doubt."
Activism "Activism, meet Internet. Go crazy!"

Advertising & Media

Tourism & Leisure
DDB Stockholm: "jack barbera is the american klaus heidi."
Media & Entertainment
SID LEE Paris: "revolution, painting, pixel, thanks!"
Business Products & Services
72andSunny: "you made me about you."
Mobile & Experience Marketing
72andSunny: "three is the magic number."
Health, Wellness, Pharmaceutical
VML: "its nothing to sneeze at."
Augmented Reality
Blink Digital: "Boy, this feels so good!"
Instinct: "no great file for russia."
Consumer Packaged Goods
Poo~Pourri : "Yippee-Kay-Yay, Mother Flusher."
Consumer Electronics & Services
Pereira & O'Dell: "the power inside changes everything."
Branded Content
Ogilvy Brasil: "From the Brazilians "obrigado.""
Viral Marketing
Ogilvy Brasil: "From the Brazilians "obrigado.""
Augmented Reality
Zulu Alpha Kilo: "ho, ho, ho. ho, ho."
Best Use of Online Media
OgilvyOne worldwide: "Ogilvy loves bacon, and Webbys."

Online Film & Video

Documentary: Individual Episode
VICE media: "a toast to the webbys."
Best Writing
Cracked: "America! You go. No, you."
Public Service & Activism
Ogilvy Paris: "Beauty is real, never retouched."
News & Politics: Series
Guardian News & Media: "Migrant workers are not slaves."
Drama: Individual Short or Episode
Guardian News & Media: "Onions are bad. No onions."
First Person
PBS: "Everything is interesting and exciting!"
Entertainment (Channel)
Vimeo: "Clutter kills. Save the children!"
News & Politics: Series
Al Jazeera English: "silent: mouths taped. on cards: "free" "Al" "Jazeera" "staff" "now""
Macklam Feldman Management: "we came for free food."
Drama: Individual Short or Episode
VGNC Creative Digital Agency: "Peace and glory to Ukraine!"
News & Information (Channel)
The Huffington Post: "Anyone can come on us."
Travel & Adventure
AOL: "cars still drive america's dreams."
Curtis Birch: "We all surf with Nick!"
Public Service & Activism (Channel)
Women Make Movies: "Internet vs. FCC. Let's win!"
How-to & DIY (Channel)
Sonia Gil: "Venezuela, this is for you."

Mobile & Apps

Integrated Mobile Experience
Walgreens: "Bye bye paper, helloooo deals!"
Health & Fitness
Charity Miles: "Every mile counts."
Lifestyle (Tablet & All Other Devices)
Y Media Labs: "Goooo mobile! Or go home."
Best Practices
The New York Times: "All the thanks that fit!"
Entertainment (Handheld Devices)
5by: "Jay Z. Miley. Bono. Bieber. 5by!"
Best Use of Mobile Video
twitter: "do it for vine."
Best User Experience
Pocket: "definitely saving this for later."
Media Streaming Service
PRX: "prx public radio for..."
Best Use of Device Camera
Edelman: "we didn't have glass this shiz."
Entertainment (Tablet & All Other Devices)
A+E Networks: "Here's hoping history repeats itself."
Integrated Mobile Experience
INNOCEAN USA: "zombies say thanks."
Lifestyle (Handheld Devices)
EverythingMe: "wow! such success, very exciting!"
Best Use of GPS or Location Technology
Glympse: "Excuse me, that shouldn't count."
Jetpac: "I am lost for words."
Best Visual Design - Aesthetic
Yahoo: "Weather or not, here we..."
Best Visual Design - Aesthetic
Dots: "Actually everything."


Customer Service
Ministry of World Domination: "thank you Eh ya yvetla yukuk"
We Make Awesome Sh: "I don't even work there!"
Carmichael Lynch: "Weird. is that a compliment?"
Ignition and Netflix: "let's make stories, not ads."
Customer Service
R/GA: "Chicago has the best pizza."
Best Use of Video
GoPro: "Pat, you need one."
Arts & Culture
The Metropolitan Museum of Art: "Instagram cake by the pound."
City & Urban Innovation
Ogilvy & Mather, Singapore: "let's make our cities smarter."
City & Urban Innovation
M&C Saatchi NY: "this award goes to....(rips clothes off)."
Best Use of Video
Pereira & O'Dell: "We won by a hair."
Overall Social Presence
GoPro: "Pat, you need one."
Best Photography & Graphics
GoPro: "Pat, you need one."
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