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Good communication takes knowing what to say, and how to say it. This episode of Stanford GSB’s “Think Fast, Talk Smart” helps leaders lead better and teams work better—a guide on how to find the right words in a hybrid world.

How they made it

Think Fast, Talk Smart: Communication Techniques

Meet the Team

Describe the brief or inspiration behind your project/campaign. What was your team tasked with?

Creating a project that would help people become better communicators, both virtually and in person. The new hybrid work world challenges managers and leaders– this specific episode offers research insights that can help companies lead better and inspire workers in this new landscape of work.

Describe your process for creating award winning B2B work. How is creativity at the center of how you work?

Our work is audience-centric. We think about what our audience needs to hear, instead of what we want to say.

A lot of teams have challenges keeping a campaign idea simple, especially if multiple contributors were involved. How did you ensure that your project remained true to the idea and on brand all the way from brief to launch?

We have strict RACI charts in place that guide our process and organized systems like AirTable to keep tabs on the project. As far as creativity, only three people (me, engineer and host) touch the actual episode

What does being recognized by the Webby Awards mean for you and your collaborators?

It’s huge! We have the award displayed in our office. It’s an honor for an institute of higher education to be recognized in a field of true creatives. We tow an interesting line within the podcast space and seeing recognition outside of higher education feels monumental.

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