A Song for Every CMO

Spotify: A Song for Every CMO

FCB New York/ Spotify

Spotify grabbed the attention of 14 of the world’s top CMOs by writing and recording 14 original tracks for each—a unique showcase of the power of audio in advertising.

Describe the brief or inspiration behind your project/campaign. What was your team tasked with?

Marketers have treated digital audio ads like an afterthought, creating a major problem for Spotify Advertising. Of the total 2021 U.S. advertising spend ($296.4 billion), digital audio channels captured just 1% ($3.2 billion). And most of that 1% went to bigger players like Google, Facebook and Amazon. So Spotify had a dual mission: Convince our B2B target to prioritize digital audio ads, and meaningfully differentiate ourselves from behemoths like Google, Amazon and Facebook to drive consideration.

A lot of teams have challenges keeping a campaign idea simple, especially if multiple contributors were involved. How did you ensure that your project remained true to the idea and on brand all the way from brief to launch?

The key to ensuring a project remains true to the core idea from brief to launch really comes down to the partnership with your client. At FCB New York, our clients are not people we work with for a task at hand or to solve a business problem. Our clients are truly our partners who need to be bought into an idea before we make it award winning.

For A Song for Every CMO, our partners at Spotify believed and understood our out-of-the-box insight which allowed this campaign to work so cohesively, while involving so many individuals.

Did you utilize LinkedIn in executing this project? What role does LinkedIn play in your greater B2B marketing strategy? (i.e. case studies, newsletters, etc.)

LinkedIn helped our team leverage knowledge on marketing leaders we showcased in our campaign, A Song for Every CMO. Spotify allowed us to gain insight on marketing leaders’ music tastes, and LinkedIn helped us round out that data by showing what type of work these leaders put out into the world.

What were some of your biggest learning and takeaways from this project?

One of the biggest takeaways after being a part of Spotify: A Song for Every CMO is meant not only for us, but for the industry. The usual quest for impressions, views and likes being audacious and complex, doesn’t always end up standing true. Sometimes, you can more effectively reach your audience, especially in B2B, by using hyper targeted marketing. All in all – creating economic multiplying work doesn’t always equate to garnering the most impressions, just the right ones.

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