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Slate: The Ultimate Social Media Content Creation Platform


Digital content can’t be good if the toolbox is outdated. Slate is the one-workflow solution for social media content creators. Simply upload brand assets, curate your creative and build a catalog of ready-to-post content within seconds.

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Slate: The Ultimate Social Media Content Creation Platform

Meet the Team

Describe the brief or inspiration behind your project/campaign. What was your team tasked with?

The inspiration behind Slate was to bridge the gap between brand consistency and the fast-paced demands of social media content creation. Our team was tasked with developing a platform that empowers organizations to create on-brand content in seconds, optimized for any social media platform. The project was fueled by the understanding that existing enterprise tools were not built for the social media era, forcing brands to compromise on their most valuable moments online.

A lot of teams have challenges keeping a campaign idea simple, especially if multiple contributors were involved. How did you ensure that your project remained true to the idea and on brand all the way from brief to launch?

By maintaining a laser focus on our mission to empower brands to create consistently on-brand content, we ensured that every feature and update aligned with our initial brief. Our internal collaboration and rigorous testing phases acted as checkpoints to keep the project on brand.

Did you collaborate with another business on this project? How did you work effectively together towards a shared creative vision?

While we didn’t collaborate with another business for this specific project, we have a robust ecosystem of clients and integrations that enrich our platform’s capabilities.

What does being recognized by the Webby Awards mean for you and your collaborators?

Being recognized by the Webby Awards is a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence. It validates our efforts and inspires us to continue setting the standard for exceptional B2B marketing.

Did you utilize LinkedIn in executing this project? What role does LinkedIn play in your greater B2B marketing strategy?

LinkedIn is a vital part of our B2B marketing strategy. With almost 15,000 followers, we use the platform to distribute a range of marketing materials, from case studies and feature launches to webinar invitations.

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