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Cats Are Over

Cats. They're so last year.

Our feline friends have consistently ruled the roost when it comes to social media. A few well-groomed whiskers get the masses clicking 'like' like whoa. Until now, that is. Nothing against cats, it's just high time us humans unite to take back the social Web.

The Webby Awards is proud to present our first-ever social media report, Cats Are Over: Social Media in the Post Cat Economy. It's loaded with indispensable tips, facts, and best practices from 24 feline-free Webby Winning brands including Shake Shack, GE, The Onion, The New York Times, Team Coco, NASA, and sage advice from members of our judging body, the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences.

The post-cat economy is booming. Take your brand to the next level with valuable insights from The Webby Awards, our Winners, and judges.

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