Best of the Internet August 28, 2018

5-Word Speeches That Were Meme-worthy😹

Revisit #5WordSpeech moments over the years that are so wonderfully weird for the Internet, they're totally meme-worthy.

Ah, the meme. The Internet’s gift that keeps on giving. Since 1996, the complex information system interlinked by hypertext that we affectionately call “the web,” has captured and produced so many iconic pop culture moments like this:

After watching a few of our favorite Webby 5-Word Speeches 500 times (because that’s what we do at The Webby Awards), we made an amazing discovery: so many are totally meme-worthy.

Here’s a list of eight #5WordSpeech meme-able moments below. Then, get thinking and follow us on social: We’ll be releasing them as GIFs on Twitter all week for you to add your own meme captions.


Revisit #5WordSpeech moments over the years that are so wonderfully weird for the Internet, they're totally meme-worthy.

The Queen of Viral Content Accepts Her Award

Let’s face it, anything Kim Kardashian West touches turns into viral gold. And, her 5-Word Speech for the Break the Internet Award is no different—so it’s fitting for a meme.

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Fularious Takes Luxurious Bite

Writer and Director of Fularious Max Lanman’s 5-Word Speech was so meme-worthy, the caption practically wrote itself. Take a look his…unique…speech.

But don’t look too long, you might get nauseous.

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Beaker's #5WordSpeech Fail

The Internet’s beloved Muppet Beaker was ecstatic to accept his Webby at the 13th Annual Webby Awards. Good news? It generated a fantastic meme for the online community. Bad news? It was a bit of a shock…

Steve Wilhite Sets the Record Straight

While accepting his Lifetime Achievement Award at the 17th Annual Webby Awards, GIF creator Steve Wilhite wanted to set the record straight on how you pronounce his invention—and in true Internet fashion, it went viral.

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Angry Birds = Angry Memes?

Who wouldn’t want to watch Peter Vesterbacka, founder of the company behind Angry Birds, continuously pegged by the 15th Annual Webby Awards audience with plush angry birds? And moreover, who wouldn’t want to meme this magical moment for themselves?

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Out of Words? Oops..

Tumblr came in hot while accepting not one, but three Webbys at the 17th Annual Webby Awards. Sadly, they ran out of words halfway through their speech. But, it makes for quality content.

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Batman Returns to The Webbys

Honestly, Pete Holmes’ 5-Word Acceptance Speech for CollegeHumor’s Webby Win is just as hilarious on mute as it is with the audio. Do yourself a favor and watch this meme-worthy moment from the 18th Webby Awards.

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That Moment When David Letterman Was Emotional

Remember that time David Letterman was “overwhelmed with emotion” at the 22nd Annual Webby Awards? To be honest, this feeling is really relatable. You know what we meme? (Sorry.)