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5 More Things You Should Know About Rhett & Link

Early Entry Deadline October 27 2017

Intertainers, Web Personalities, and beard oil salesman, Webby Winners Rhett & Link are experts in the craft of the viral video.  Here are 5 highlights from Webby Judges Rhett & Link’s digital video repertoire.

IADAS and Webby Awards judges Rhett James McLaughlin & Charles Lincoln “Link” Neal III are Web personalities and Intertainment duo whose collected YouTube channels have over 12 million subscribers. Their effusive creativity has spawned a countless sum of extremely popular music videos, commercials, as well as the “Good Mythical Morning” talk show which is currently in its 8th season. A 7-time Webby Winner for their projects in editing, video and comedy, Rhett & Link are experts in the craft of the viral video, often directing, producing, writing and performing their own work.

While hitting a viral video highpoint for their low budget commercial work, as their brand and skills as content creators grew, Rhett & Link expanded their offerings. Besides the Good Mythical Morning and its spinoffs, the two host the Ear Biscuits podcast, a candid conversation with the latest innovators in new media. To learn more, their eponymous wiki site has all the lyrics, history and details of their works. But, for those aspiring video artists or the seriously dedicated fan, Don’t Forget To Be Awesome carries all the Rhett’s beard oil or Link’s lip balm that you want need.

Don’t forget you can watch all the highlights from the 20th Annual Webby Awards now!

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