Honoring the Best
of the Internet
The 20th Annual Webby Awards September 14, 2015

The Internet Can’t Be Stopped

Our project to give Internet fans around the world 20 unique perspectives on what “The Internet Can’t Be Stopped” means from the organizations shaping its future.

Getting to collaborate with incredible people and companies has always been one of the greatest joys of working at The Webby Awards. From the judges who do rigorous work evaluating the best of the Internet every year (that’s been everyone from the inventor of the mobile phone to the founders of Twitter and Instagram, to USA CTO Meghan Smith, and beyond), to those who’ve collaborated with us on our annual Webby event (like Tim Berners-Lee, Arianna Huffington, President Obama, Banksy, Prince, The Onion and Norah Jones) – working with Webby Winners and Academy members is at the core of our culture and mission.


Today we are revealing the next 10 of our 20 posters for the Call for Entries for the 20th Webby Awards. This year we have partnered with 20 Webby Winners – who throughout the past 20 years have shaped not only The Webby Awards, but the Internet itself, to call for your entries from all over the globe.

Each partner has created a one-of-a-kind limited edition print responding to our theme for this year “The Internet Can’t Be Stopped,” which will be sent to past entrants globally (70 countries!) encouraging them to enter their best work in our landmark 20th year. Partners include Big Spaceship, Code and Theory, CP+B, Droga5, Facebook, Forsman & Bodenfors, GiphyGoogle, Kinetic Singapore, Loducca, Mother New York, NASA / JPL, National Geographic, Pitchfork, Poke, R/GAThings Organized Neatly, Tumblr, VICE and Wieden+Kennedy.

Each week for the next 20 weeks we will be featuring one of the 20 partners’ work on our site, in interviews with the creators, and on our social – in some cases with total takeovers of our accounts.. Our aim is to give Internet fans around the world 20 unique perspectives on what “The Internet Can’t Be Stopped” means from the organizations shaping its future.

And, as if that wasn’t enough collaboration, I’m honored to share that long-time Webby supporter and Internet co-inventor Vinton Cerf has written a short note on each of the pieces as well, sharing some early Internet and Webby memories.

We are thrilled to, once again, welcome your entries, and promise to celebrate the best ones like never before in May 2016.

With Gratitude,

David-Michel Davies
Executive Director

NB: Huge thanks and inspirational credit to Webby Winner The New Yorker, who for their 90th edition made nine distinct covers of the magazine.  We may be old in the tooth in Internet years, but their example of excellence and longevity dwarfs our modest run by not only 7 decades but also the by invention of the television, the jet engine, the ballpoint pen, computers and of course fax machines.

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