Nominees Announced April 2nd
Category Spotlight November 12, 2014

Keep the Internet Weird, Y’all

Weirdness: It's one of the strongest pillars of the World Wide Web. And we at The Webbys are proud to honor the best of it, year after year.

Back in ye olde 1997 when The Webby Awards was first born, we honored just 14 categories in one media type. Today we honor all kinds of digital work across social, apps, video, interactive advertising, and – of course – our OG bread and butter, websites.

Of those original 14 categories, it’s Weird that we hold closest to our Internet-lovin’ hearts. We’re proud to celebrate the unabashedly strange and wonderful parts of the Web. Think you win at being a weirdo? Enter your passion project for the chance to join the illustrious ranks of Weird Webby Winners.

Rest assured, there’s a Weird category for your specific type of quirky worky – whether it’s a video, social campaign, or just a zany ol’ site. And, good news for emerging eccentrics: All categories within Weird are priced to ensure that the best and brightest can afford to have their work seen by our Academy.

Winning in Weird means you’ll be amongst previous years’ ludicrous luminaries like One Tiny HandKim Jong-Il Looking At ThingsHow Animals Eat Their Food, and an app made by the king of weird himself, Sir Alfred Yankovic. What more could you want? Enter today.

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