LISTEN: Webby Podcast May 8, 2018

S3 EP 6: Claire Evans, Author, Broad Band

Lead singer of pop duo YACHT, Claire Evans is also author of the great new book BROAD BAND: The untold story of the women who made the Internet.
We've heard the same fifteen stories about Steve Jobs and Bill Gates so many times—but yet there's this unbelievable wealth of material if you just start looking at women.”
— Claire Evans Author, BROAD BAND

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Women have always been pivotal to the creation, growth, and success of the Internet. Yet we typically hear the same few stories about the same few men. Today’s guest Claire Evans is here to change that—or at least contribute to what she hopes will be an ongoing conversation.

Our Host David-Michel Davies sits down with Evans to discuss her new book Broad Band: The untold story of the women who made the Internet—including her path to researching and writing the book, her Steve Jobs-esque author photo, and why it’s so important to tell nuanced stories about women.


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