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A Redesigned Experience October 30, 2014 is Shiny and New

The last time underwent a redesign Barack Obama was still a senator. Twitter had its coming out party at SXSW. The first iPhone was released.

That time… was 2007.

Sure, there were front-end refreshes, tweaks, and additions in the seven years since. But to really showcase our unique insight into the best of the Web—and the incredible work The Webbys has had the honor of honoring for nearly two decades—we needed a complete overhaul.

Code and Theory & The Webbys

We were lucky to get to work with the brilliant minds at Code and Theory, who understood what we needed immediately. From the get-go, we were blown away by their site design: the colors were bold, large images were front and center, and the whole thing was beautifully responsive. But it came as no surprise—Code and Theory has won 17 Webbys, after all. And as far as redesigns go, this was both as dramatic and as seamless as it gets.



Code and Theory's Wins A Webby
Watch Anna Wintour's 5-Word Speech

Going Forward

Our new website isn’t meant to merely replace the old one. On the contrary, it’s a new endeavor.

For starters, our Winners Gallery has been wrapped into, meaning the companies and individuals who enter will have a streamlined, unified experience for entering, being nominated for, and winning a Webby.

Our judges – the superstars that make the whole thing work – are featured more prominently here. We’ll be highlighting some of them in posts like this one about new judge Bill Simmons.

Speaking of original content, you’ll see a lot more of it on our new site. The nerds (we use the term lovingly) that run our company spend an inordinate amount of time on the Internet. They find cool stuff, spot trends, and are quite fond of making recommendations.

Lastly, it bears repeating that season is The 20th Annual Webby Awards, meaning that our vault currently contains 19 years worth of extraordinary content. And now we have a website that can not only surface that content, but also grow with us and allow us to continue to share the communal experience of honoring the best of the Internet.

Want to watch what happened at the 20th Annual Webby Awards? Watch the show on and all the highlights now.