Webby Pro Tips September 11, 2018

How To Enter The Webby Awards

The Webby Awards has been the international honor for Internet excellence for over two decades. Ready to join the best of the Internet in the 27th Annual Webby Awards? Here are our tips on entering.

From tech giants, to groundbreaking virtual reality experiences and upstart startups, the best digital work is represented among Webby Winners. But you can’t win if you don’t enter. Here are some pointers on how to enter the 24th Annual Webby Awards.

Pro Tips for Entering The Webbys

The Webby Awards has been the international honor for Internet excellence for over two decades. Ready to join the best of the Internet in the 27th Annual Webby Awards? Here are our tips on entering.

Create Excellent Digital Work

First and foremost, entering The Webbys begins with the great work you have created throughout the year.

Did you make excellent work? Have a project you’re particularly proud of? Want to show your team how much you appreciate their dedication on that killer campaign, moving video, or incredible podcast season? If the answer is yes, you’re ready to enter.

Make Sure Your Site's On

The work is done. The campaigns have launched. Your great ideas have come to fruition. But, since all entries are submitted as URLs, make sure all the links are true and nothing’s broken.

Pick The Right Category

There’s only one way to enter, but eight media types to win in.

  • Websites: honoring the best website features, aesthetic, and content.
  • Video: content which premiered on the Internet including documentaries, series & channels, VR experiences, and more.
  • Advertising, Media & PR: including innovative PR, Branded Content, and media usage.
  • Apps, dApps & Software: honors the range apps and experiences across mobile, tablet, TV, Watch, and cars; with brand new honors this year for outstanding work in Voice.
  • Podcasts: recognizing outstanding work in podcasts, including Business, Lifestyle, Best Host, Best Writing and Craft, and more.
  • Social: which honors the scope of the social sphere, including channels, content series, campaigns, social video, and more.
  • Games: which recognizes excellence across mobile, social, and browser-based games.
  • Metaverse, Immersive & Virtual
Set Up a Webby Account

Don’t lose your work! You will automatically be prompted to set up an account when you submit 5 or more entries and we highly recommend you do.

Setting up an account allows you to keep tabs on your work and payment history and the entry site will keep your work in the cache in case you accidentally close your browser.

Agency v. Internal v. PR

You’ll notice that while entering, you are prompted to submit “Your Role.” Why do we ask this? It is so we can credit you properly in our Winners Gallery if you win.

So, what then are the distinctions between the Agency, Internal, and PR roles when entering The Webbys?

  • Agency work is made on the behalf of a client.
  • Internal work is used by the company or brand which created it.
  • PR firms submit work for the clients they represent.
Denise's Top Tips For Entering

Our expert producer Denise Gilley is here to help with all of your entry-related queries and concerns. Here are her top tips on entry best practices. We asked so you didn’t have to.

  • Promoting Your Work: A Twitter account is not required, but should your work be nominated (and thus eligible to participate in the Webby People’s Voice Awards), we can promote your success via Twitter.
  • Campaign Entries: I recommend that entrants set up and submit a non-branded landing page with project details, case study video, marketing results/stats, etc., along with a link(s) to the actual elements of the campaign.
  • Subscription-Based: For subscription-based apps or sites, I recommend that you provide a guest login for our judges. It is helpful to provide our judges with the opportunity to fully experience the work.


Of course, please don’t hesitate to contact Denise via email at or at (212) 675-3555, if you have any questions or hesitations about entering.

To ensure your great work is submitted without a hitch, check out our Eligibility & Guidelines page for our expert and useful breakdown of the entry rules, fees and terms.

Need some inspiration? Winners get to be a part of this! The Extended Entry Deadline for the 27th Annual Webby Awards is February 10th, 2023—Enter today.