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Everything You Think Is True November 13, 2018


How the Internet has fragmented our collective reality and why that's not (entirely) a bad thing.

We’re excited to launch the 2019 Annual Webby Trend Report, Everything You Think Is True.

Created in partnership with Vitamin T, this year’s trend report examines how our relationship to and usage of the Internet has changed in the past 25 years: from the time we spend online, to the opposing personal perspectives that we are able to amplify because of the Internet, to the rapid speed in which false information travels compared to facts.

The report also looks at several Webby-winning projects that are leveraging the power of technologies like AR, VR, and voice to create positive reality-bending experiences.

And finally, we discuss how all of this is changing hiring, and what the emergence of AR, VR, and voice technology means for you and your work.

The 2019 Annual Trend Report is the culmination of months of research, featuring case studies, a consumer survey conducted by YouGov, and trends to watch this year. It also includes insights from industry experts and Webby judges like:

  • Jesse Suchmann, Executive Creative Director, Edelman
  • Susie Hall, President, Vitamin T
  • Abbey Klaassen, President, 360i New York
  • Liam Walsh, Creative Technology Director, Nexus Labs
  • Oliver Dore, Technology Partner, Work & Co