Winner Testimonials October 14, 2020

Webby Testimonials: Win a Webby, Sit Amongst the Best

A Webby Award proves you're the best of the Internet, and shows people around the world that you're the one to work with.

For 25 years, The Webby Awards has been recognized as the international symbol of online excellence. To be named “the best of the Internet” is no small feat—and it reaps rewards. Beyond receiving massive exposure on the global stage—last year’s Webby Awards earned 12 billion media impressions across leading global media outlets, winning a Webby Award is great for business. It shows clients and partners around the world that your team or company is leading digital—you’re the one to work with.

Seriously: Over 80% reported that their Webby win helped drive new business.

Learn how The Webbys opened new horizons for Winners and Honorees below, and enter your work by the Early Entry Deadline,  Friday, October 30th!

“The creative industry recognizes that winning a Webby Award lends a certain level of prestige to your work. And being a part of this community not only means that you understand that, but that your work is at a level that can really make an impact.”

-Maurice Cherry, Head of Media, Glitch and Host, Revision Path

“To not only be nominated, but also win was surreal and it was incredible to know that this weird little project I dedicated so much personal time to saw this kind of response.”

– Andrew Myers, Artist and Director at Hornet

“The Webbys brings together the best of the Internet, so to win alongside incredible creators is very humbling. We’re honored that this was the video voters chose to recognize with the Webby People’s Voice Award.”

-Luis Flores, Mara Van Ells and Raji Ramanathan, Video Team, AJ+

“Winning a Webby Award makes us proud and feel like we are among the best in the world. We include the Webby Awards in our credentials and we speak about them in as many meetings with clients as we can.”

– Jorge Madrid, Head of Branded Content and Creative Studio, Condé Nast Spain

“Our wins feel amazing! We love The Webby Awards because it transcends advertising and is a real cultural prize, it means a lot.”

-Mo Twine, Pol Hoenderboom, and Bart Mol, BBDO New York

“Ear Hustle winning the Webby was huge and exciting… it is tangible proof that the world outside cares, and that those inside have not just been thrown away.”

– Nigel Poor, Co-host, Ear Hustle

“Winning a Webby has been a big deal for us! The Webbys, being an internationally-known awards show, helps elevate the image and perception of gaming as an art form—something we are very passionate about.”

-UsTwo Games team for Monument Valley II

“This win was so unexpected, especially considering the incredible competition we were up against. The Webby Award has definitely given us a sense of legitimacy and belonging. Celebrating at the ceremony was one of the most rewarding things I’ve had the privilege of participating in!”

-Allison Gill, Executive Producer and Co-Host, Mueller, She Wrote

“This award gave us the motivation to keep pushing forward and enhance the WONDERWALL experience even more.”

– AquaRing Inc.

“We see the Webby Award as the holy grail of the digital world. This is one of the few awards curated by the world’s digital experts.”



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