Meet the 25th Annual Nominees April 20, 2021

The Year’s Best Social Series and Campaigns

For the 25th Annual Webby Awards, we introduced a new suite of Social Content Series & Campaign categories. Explore a few of this year's Webby Nominees for the best series and campaigns.

For the 25th Annual Webby Awards, we introduced an inaugural suite of dedicated Social Content Series & Campaign categories. This new set of category offerings better reflects the ways content is being produced for audiences everywhere—on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and more. From work in Culture & Lifestyle and Television & Film, to Sports and Interview & Talk Show, the 2021 Webby Nominees feature some of the year’s most innovative and entertaining campaigns produced across social media.

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Culture & Lifestyle 



smart x Oumi Janta: Two urban icons come together! by Buddybrand GmbH. 2021 Nominee in Culture & Lifestyle


With more people at home than ever before last year, an opportunity was presented to bring people their incredible cultural experiences. These Nominees in Culture & Lifestyle are connecting audiences to shared histories of resilience, give them the dance battle across Berlin roofs, connect them to new job opportunities, and explore their favorite museums.

  1. My People, My Power by Creative X, Facebook
  2. smart Oumi Janta: Two Urban Icons Come Together! by Buddybrand GmbH
  3. Google Arts & Culture – Explore A Museum From Home by Arts & Letters Creative Co.
  4.  LinkedIn Open to Work Campaign by LinkedIn
  5.  The Endless Letter on Instagram Stories by RT Creative Lab

Television & Film

Netflix Film Club by Netflix. 2021 Nominee in Television & Film.


The past year saw the proliferation of shows and series for streaming, with media companies finding new ways to engage with audiences. These 2021 Nominees in Television & Film represent some of the most interesting series and campaigns on social that invite fans to be #Legendary, get ready to watch their favorite heroine, go behind the scenes of their favorite Netflix films, and take fans back to the ’80s.

  1. Killing Eve Season 3 by Everybody At Once
  2.  HBO Max’s TikTok #LegendaryChallenge | Legendary Season 1 by Digital Media Management
  3. It’s a Sin by 4creative
  4. Netflix Film Club by Netflix
  5. The Mandalorian – Social Campaign by Disney


Nike – Mamba Week by R/GA. 2021 Nominee for Sports


The sports industry was presented with a unique challenge this year: How to engage fans at-home in ways that were all-at-once transparent, inspiring, and cut to the heart of what players experience daily.  This year’s Nominees in Sports have created important series tackling racial injustice, celebrated one of the greatest players, taken fans behind the scenes of the NBA 2020-style, and found ways to give back!

  1. Ultimate Home Championship by Portal A
  2. Say Their Stories: Elijah McClain as Told by Trent Williams 
  3. Nike – Mamba Week by R/GA
  4. Inside the NBA Bubble with Taylor Rooks by Bleacher Report
  5. NFL 360: The Gift of Gaba: The Story of Mo Gaba by NFL Network

Interview & Talk Show

Tiny Talk by Tastemade, Inc. 2021 Nominee in Interview & Talk Show.


Who doesn’t love a good chat? This year’s Nominees for Interview & Talk Show are sounding the alarm on the critical issues that we are facing as a society, across racial injustice and public health, and making audiences everywhere smile through short, celebrity talks.

  1. Tiny Talk by Tastemade, Inc.
  2. The Black Response by Color Of Change
  3. HBR Quarantined by Harvard Business Review
  4. The Daily Show Bonus Tracks by Comedy Central Digital
  5. Sound on 3: The BIPOC Experience in America, an MTV News Production by MTV


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