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March 27, 2018

Amber Ruffin Is Hosting the 22nd Annual Webby Awards!

Amber Ruffin is a writer for Late Night with Seth Meyers, and she’s also our host for the 22nd Annual Webby Awards.

We are thrilled that writer and comedian Amber Ruffin is our host for the 22nd Annual Webby Awards!

Not only has Amber been killing it on the comedy scene for years, she’s also a trailblazer. She became the first black woman to write for a late-night talk show in the United States when she joined Late Night with Seth Meyers—where she’s known for her hilarious “Amber Says What” sketches, and much more.

Amber also writes on Comedy Central’s Detroiters and is a regular narrator on Drunk History. (And tell your musical theater friends: She’s working on a new version of the Broadway show The Wiz, premiering this summer at The MUNY in St. Louis.)

In short? Amber is busy. And awesome. And we can’t wait to have her host the 22nd Annual Webby Awards on May 14th in NYC.

The full show will be available to watch on YouTube the next morning. In the meantime, catch up some of these great Amber moments below:

Get to Know 22nd Webby Host Amber Ruffin

Amber Ruffin is a writer for Late Night with Seth Meyers, and she’s also our host for the 22nd Annual Webby Awards.

Amber Ruffin Apologizes to Seth like a Sexual Harasser

In an era marked by men “apologizing” to women for sexually inappropriate and abusive behavior, Amber Ruffin demonstrates this infuriating sorry-not-sorry-but-actually approach to “apologizing,” common to so many of these offenders, in this spot-on bit with Seth.

Amber Explains How Black Women Saved America from Roy Moore

The past year-plus…plus has been marked by quite a few nail-biting, horrifying political moments. Here, Amber breaks down the 2017 special election in Alabama—with some key suggestions for white voters.

Amber Says What: The Winter Olympics

Sometimes you’ve just gotta say whaaaaaat. Nobody does it better than Amber. Watch her say “What!” about all-things Winter Olympics in this hilarious Late Night segment.

Amber Reads Trump's Black History Month Speech

After watching this, we’d like Amber to provide commentary alongside all of the president’s speeches line by line in real time going forward. Please and thank you.

Watch Her Monologue at the WGAs

Get a taste of Amber’s host stylings with her monologue from the Writers Guild Awards, where she riffs on being the first black woman to ever host the WGAs (she assumes) and even breaks into a musical number.

The Nominees for the 22nd Annual Webby Awards are announced on Tuesday, April 3! Follow @TheWebbyAwards, subscribe on YouTube, and stay tuned.

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