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Best Webby-Recognized Work from Australia

Dive into 9 great Webby-recognized projects produced in Australia, one of the top-ranked countries in the 2019 International Webby Winner Index.

As one of the top-ranked countries in the 2019 International Webby Winner Index, Australia is home to the world’s best digital projects, and the creatives behind the work. Recently, we highlighted the five top-performing Australian companies in last season’s competition, however there many more projects deserving of praise. 

At The Webbys we continuously recognize the teams creating the world’s leading online work. So we’ve rounded up 9 of our favorite projects from Australia that have been honored at The Webby Awards over the last few years. 

See the work below, and enter your own before the Extended Entry Deadline for the 24th Annual Webby Awards on Friday, February 7th!


9 Webby-Recognized Projects from Australia🇦🇺

Dive into 9 great Webby-recognized projects produced in Australia, one of the top-ranked countries in the 2019 International Webby Winner Index.

Womankind by The Monkeys

2018 People’s Voice Winner: Best Launch (Advertising)

Aussie ad agency The Monkeys created “Womankind” to have a candid conversation about bras—and how much women detest them—to promote a new bra. Facebook banned the ad, which only made the launch more popular.

More:Winner Story Read our on “Womankind” to learn more about the project.

Project Revoice by BWM Dentsu

2019 Webby Winner: Experimental & Innovation (Social)

How do you give back to someone who has done so much for others? BWM Dentsu created “Project Revoice” to help those who have lost their voices through the ALS disease regain them using AI. The first person they set out to help? Founder of the ALS Bucket Challenge Pat Quinn.

More: August marked the 5-year anniversary of the ALS bucket challenge. Read our story honoring Quinn, as well as “Project Revoice.”

Meet Graham by Clemenger BBDO Melbourne

2017 Webby Winner: Integrated Campaigns (Advertising)

This Webby For Good-recognized project is a true warning sign to the dangers of reckless driving. Part interactive sculpture, part educational tool, this AR experience depicts the body of a man who suffered severe car crash injuries.

Give Me a Minute of Your Time by The Monkeys

2019 People’s Voice Winner: Mobile Campaigns (Advertising)

What if helping children only took one minute? This mobile project for UNICEF calculates the perfect amount someone should donate based on their salary—down to how much it would cost per minute.

Until We All Belong by Clemenger BBDO

2018 People’s Voice Winner: Social Video (Advertising)

This Webby For Good-recognized project was a collaboration between Airbnb and Clemenger BBDO to spark a conversation on Australian Marriage Equality. Their idea was for people to wear an incomplete wedding ring to symbolize lack of equality in the country.

My Grandmother’s Lingo by SBS Australia

2017 Webby Winner: Best Use of Interactive Video (Video) 

This interactive film and website lets users speak Marra one of the oldest languages in the world, native to Australia’s indigenous communities. This touching project won and was nominated for multiple Webbys, for showing the importance of preserving these languages.

The Viral Experiment by The Woolshed Company

2017 Webby Winner: Viral (Video)

How viral can you make this video? The Woolshed Company set out to see by living life as far on the edge as they could possibly get. It worked, earning them a 2017 Webby Award in Viral. Sounds fitting.

The Australian Ballet by Carter Digital

2017 Webby Nominee: Cultural Institutions (Websites)

Websites for institutions should be exciting, and with an art form as beautiful as ballet, the Australian Ballet’s site should reflect that beauty. Visit the site to see Carter Digital’s stunning project and book a trip, or admire the beautiful photography.

The Most Interesting Job Interview by Cummins & Partners

2019 People’s Voice Winner: Best User Experience (Websites)

Cummins & Partners gave candidates applying for an ASIS position as an intelligence officer one of the most complex, and entertaining interviews they’ve experienced. Check out the case study to learn more.