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LISTEN: Webby Podcast June 6, 2017

S1 Ep 11: Laurie Segall, Senior Technology Correspondent at CNN

CNN's Senior Technology Correspondent Laurie Segall stops by the studio in episode eleven to talk about our relationship with tech and her new web series, Mostly Human.

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She’s been reporting from the front lines of the tech industry for years, covering drone development in Israel, taking audiences behind the scenes at Twitter and Instagram, and even interviewing Bill Gates himself. In this episode of The Webby Podcast, we step into the studio with Laurie Segall, Senior Technology Correspondent at CNN.

Needless to say, Laurie has reported on some of the biggest stories in tech, and with the launch of her new web series Mostly Human, she investigates our close relationship with technology—and the big issues that relationship raises. We talk about her work for the show, the allure of Silicon Valley, and the dark side of the technology we depend on.



The biggest tech companies have to be working on death as part of the product.”
— Laurie Segall Senior Technology Correspondent, CNN

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