LISTEN: Webby Podcast April 11, 2017

S1 Ep 4: Piera Gelardi, Co-Founder & ECD of Refinery29

Piera Gelardi talks to us about starting Refinery29 over a decade ago, the need it filled then, and how the publication has evolved since.

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We sit down with Piera Gelardi, Co-Founder & ECD of Refinery29.

Founded in 2005, back when Destiny’s Child was still a thing, Refinery29 is now one of the most-visited style, beauty, and lifestyle publications on the Internet.

Piera and David-Michel Davies discuss how Refinery cultivates young writers and creators, how she built the brand into what it is today, the importance of brick-and-mortar experiences for digitally native brands, and how the publication is able to produce so much high-quality daily content.

We aspire to be radical but relatable.”
— Piera Gelardi Co-Founder & ECD of Refinery29

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