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S1 Ep 7: Rajesh Anandan, ULTRA Testing & UNICEF Ventures

We sit down with Rajesh Anandan, Co-Founder of ULTRA testing, a QA testing company that empowers adults on the autism spectrum with employment.

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The Webbys uses Rajesh Anandan‘s company, ULTRA testing, to test its websites and voting platforms and is our secret weapon for making sure we’re always up and running. In this episode, we dive into the ULTRA’s work and its unique employment model.

It’s an incredible, neurodiverse company that in some ways is mission driven and in other ways just employs the best people for the job. We talk about how Rajesh hires and employs some of the top Quality Assurance testers in the industry, how he measures and manages workforce happiness, and discuss what he calls the “Autism Advantage.”

The rules have been written in a particulaly poor way... they don't really work for many folks who are autistic”
— Rajesh Anandan ULTRA Testing & UNICEF Ventures

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