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The 20th Annual Webby Awards January 12, 2016

Interview with Droga5 Executive Design Director Rob Trostle


Founded in 2006 in New York City by David Droga, Droga5 quickly grew into a reputable force in the advertising industry. The agency has been named ‘Agency of the Year’ by Adweek and Creativity as well as one of Advertising Age’s Agency A-List for the past five years.
Join us as we take a look back at Droga5’s 18 Webby Nominations + Wins (including their viral ad “I Will What I Want” for Under Armour, the Super Bowl ad “If We Made It” for Newcastle, and more) and an interview with Rob Trostle, Executive Design Director of Droga5 on the future of the Internet.


Droga5’s inspiring viral ad for Under Armour


Droga5’s ‘If We Made It’ Case Study

Tell us about your depiction of “The Internet Can’t Be Stopped”

You don’t see the fruits of it labor until a result emerges, but these symbols and many other iterations like them are the moments when we are being told the internet is working its ass off. It’s searching, loading, buffering, crawling, and more recently, intuiting and guessing. For us, it’s a chance to a pause in our ongoing conversation with the internet to enjoy the “space between the notes” as Claude Debussy phrased it in relation to music.

We decided to have fun with the topic and thought about all the times the internet has not stopped, but slowed.

What’s the best thing to happen to the Internet in the past 20 years?

Many new languages have been created….including a language that tells you to “hold on one second, this thing is…”

What are you most excited for in the next 20 years of the Internet?

More meaningful connections to things, people and places.

Your team has helped shape the last 20 years of the Webbys. What are you working on now?

Bringing good design into a world that needs it, but doesn’t know what it takes to get it.

How is Droga5 using technology to connect consumers to clients at the moment?

Trying to understand how new technologies are going to change our lives and therefore the way consumers are interacting with brands (and vice versa).

Tell Us in 5 words why the Internet can’t be stopped.

“Because it’s only growing stronger”

For the Call for Entries for our 20th Webby Awards, we have partnered with 20 Webby Winners – who throughout the past 20 years have shaped not only The Webby Awards, but the Internet itself. Read more about our 20th Webbys collaboration here.

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