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Webby Podcast October 15, 2019

S6 EP5: A News Community for the Compassionate with #NewsNotNoise’s Jessica Yellin

The Webby Podcast continues with an episode featuring Jessica Yellin, former Chief White House Correspondent for CNN and Founder of #NewsNotNoise. Listen now.
You have to hook people with emotion for them to engage long term. The emotion is empathy. The emotion is caring”
— Jessica Yellin Author and Founder of #NewsNotNoise

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As the former Chief White House Correspondent for CNN, our next guest Jessica Yellin knows a lot about why the news is so combative and uninformative, and is on a mission to change it.

Her independent Internet news organization, #NEWSNOTNOISE, is an oasis for people looking for just that – great reporting, insight and information without all the drama. Just breaking down policies and terms in basic language through Instagram Stories.

Listen to Jessica Yellin on the Webby Podcast!


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