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LISTEN: Webby Podcast June 27, 2017

S1 Ep 13: Tavi Gevinson, Writer, Actress, and Editor of Rookie Magazine

We chat with Tavi Gevinson about building an online community for teen girls, publishing in the age of social media, and empowering young women around the world.

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Being a teenager is hard enough. Try ascending to fame as a fashion blogger, founding and running your own online magazine by 15, and then moving to New York to launch an acting career. Our guest for this week, Tavi Gevinson, has done all that with grace and gusto—and she’s not stopping there.

Tavi, a writer, actress, and the editor-in-chief of Rookie magazine, joins us to discuss how it all happened, and how she continues to find new ways to express her creativity and inspire others to do so.

We talk about how she built such a powerful and inclusive community with Rookie, how publishing has changed in the age of social media, and the many challenges of being a teenage girl—and how she’s empowering girls all over the world to overcome them.


This may be the first time teenagers are creators of culture and not just consumers.”
— Tavi Gevinson Editor-in-Chief, Rookie

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