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LISTEN: Webby Podcast January 23, 2018

S2 EP 13: Jenny O’Dell, Multidisciplinary Artist and Writer

We talk with multi-disciplinary artist Jenny O'Dell about how she merges the digital and physical worlds, using objects like landfills and more to paint a picture about humanity.

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For our next guest, multidisciplinary artist Jenny O’Dell, everything is fascinating: swimming pools, old tech magazines, landfills—you name it. She uses tools like Google Street View and Satellite to create murals and other pieces of art, to deconstruct everyday items and explore how humans think about them.

She joins us to talk about her many projects, her feelings about the Internet, her growing interest in writing, hesitations on mixing tech and art, and more.

Check out her projects we discuss in the episode, like The Bureau of Suspended Objects and Satellite Collections.

Everything, especially the most banal things, are the product of an intersection of a lot of really unstable, and weird, and bizarre, not given things.”
— Jenny O'Dell Multidisciplinary Artist and Writer

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