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LISTEN: Webby Podcast June 4, 2019

S5 EP 10: Parenthood and Podcasting with Hillary Frank

Nine years ago, journalist Hillary Frank set out to collect diverse stories on the experience of parenting. Today she joins us to talk about it's iteration, The Longest Shortest Time, and more.
As a society we have a bias against moms, in general, and about content about mothers.”
— Hillary Frank Journalist, Author of Weird Parenting Wins

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Society has a tumultuous relationship with parenthood and motherhood. That’s why journalist and radio producer Hillary Frank created the Webby Award-winning podcast, The Longest Shortest Time. She joins David-Michel Davies to chat about her journey starting the podcast, how it created a community fostering honest conversations on the complexities of raising another life, and her new book Weird Parenting Wins.

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