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Webby Podcast October 2, 2019

S6 EP 3: Working with Words featuring Textio’s Kieran Snyder

The Webby Podcast continues with an episode featuring Kieran Snyder, co-founder of Textio, a company improving our writing with machine learning software. Listen now.
The best writers always find a way to stand out, and software like Textio has to learn from what they’re doing.”
— Kieran Snyder Co-founder, Textio

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We write a lot on the Internet—emails, tweets, texts, direct messages—on any window, any device.

This proliferation has impacted how we write, making good writing more important than ever. We’re joined by Kieran Snyder, co-founder of Textio, a company that makes machine learning software to augment our writing and make our words more impactful.

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