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S6 EP 4: The Fight For Data with David Carroll

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In “The Great Hack,” Parsons School of Design Media professor David Carroll’s fight to obtain his data led to exposure and downfall of Cambridge Analytica’s collection of Facebook users’ data to aid the 2016 Trump campaign. We’re joined by him.

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Netflix’s The Great Hack  tells the behind the scenes story of Cambridge Analytica, the company responsible for collecting information on over 85 million American voters through Facebook to assist the 2016 Trump campaign.

It is a dark story, but The Webby Podcast is joined by one of the story’s main subjects. David Carroll is an Associate Professor of Media Design at Parsons School of Design, and a data privacy advocate. His freedom of information request with a network of privacy activist led to the exposure of Cambridge Analytica’s egregious actions and downfall. 

Listen to David Carroll on The Webby Podcast!

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