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Webby Podcast November 5, 2019

S6 EP 8: Decentralizing the Internet with the EFF’s Cindy Cohn

The Webby Podcast is joined by Electronic Frontier Foundation's Executive Director, Cindy Cohn. She discusses everything from the early days of data privacy advocacy to the EFF's fight to decentralize social platforms.
I get this question a lot: ‘Are you more concerned about the government, or are you more concerned about the companies?’ The answer is there isn’t a distinction between the two of these.”
— Cindy Cohn Executive Director, Electronic Frontier Foundation

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Data privacy has become hot button issue for anyone using the Internet. Cindy Cohn, Executive Director of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, is a key figure in protecting the digital civil liberties of millions of people around the world. She joins The Webby Podcast to discuss her first case at the EFF, against leaving encryption capabilities in government hands, to the EFF’s current work to decentralize social networks, and more.

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