Nominees Announced April 2nd
Webby Podcast December 7, 2021

S8 EP5: YouGov with Hamish Brocklebank

Hamish Brocklebank, Chief of YouGov Safe at YouGov joins us to talk about findings in their survey of 3,000 US consumers, conducted for this year's Webby Trend Report: Way Too New.


Hamish Brocklebank, Chief of YouGov Safe at YouGov — an international research data and analytics group — has built a tool that allows consumers get paid to share information about everything they do online. The consumers share what they buy, watch and play — all of which helps inform the next wave of technology.

On a larger scale, YouGov studies what shifting consumer choices will mean for brands, marketers, and the general public. This year, they’ve helped the Webby Awards survey how consumers feel about recent digital innovations across online gaming and livestream commerce, for the 2022 Webby Trend Report, titled Way Too New!