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Webby Podcast May 10, 2022

S9 EP 4: 2022 Webby Winners Roundtable

Season 9 continues with a special roundtable on the Winners of the 26th Annual Webby Awards!


Host David-Michel Davies is joined by Claire Graves, President of The Webby Media Group and Steve Marchese, Webby Awards Chief Production Officer to discuss a few of their favorite Webby Winners ahead of the 26th Annual Webby Awards, happening Monday May 16th. Check out all of this year’s winners at
Winners mentioned in this episode:
  • Accidentally Wes Anderson
  • Planned Parenthood’s Text Chatbot
  • Post Reports
  • Footprints on Extinction
  • The Simpsons Balenciaga
  • Adam Scott
  • A Hotdog is a Sandwich
  • Garbage Day