Meet the Nominees April 11, 2018

Step into the Best VR Experiences of 2018

Check out the 22nd Annual Webby Awards VR and AR Nominees across Best Use of Augmented Reality, Best Narrative Experience, and more!

Virtual Reality transports us to other worlds. Augmented Reality enhances the current world. No matter which way they bend and shift our minds, and whether they’re a cinematic short or an incredible app, VR and AR give us the chance to experience seriously awesome things.

See a few of this year’s VR Nominees, and learn what makes our Webby Judges excited about extended reality work below. Then, go vote for your favorites in Webby People’s Voice until Thursday, April 19th.

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Great VR experiences are often infused with sharp storytelling. For Webby Executive Judge Winston Binch, Chief Digital Officer at Deutsch North America, the industry is on the precipice of creating “experiences that are full body, immersive, and have Hollywood-premiere-level storytelling, mixed with the magic and genius of Pixar.”

These Nominees for Best Narrative Experience tell incredible stories of lost souls, survivors of great atrocities, the tension between wildlife and humans, and cyber warfare.

  • Sea Prayer by The Guardian
  • Zero Days VR by Scatter
  • Bear 71 VR by National Film Board of Canada
  • The Last Goodbye by Here Be Dragons
  • Manifest 99 by Flight School Studio
The application of AR will be much more expansive and much more extensive, because you're creating an augmented version of the current reality, versus simply taking someone out.”
— Chris Colborn Global Chief Design and Innovation Officer, RGA


Wait am I experiencing an ad or a feature-length film? With our Nominees for Cinematic or Pre-Rendered work across branded entertainment, you may never know! According to Webby Executive Judge Danny Keens, Vice President, Content at NextVR, consumers naturally look for flaws in VR design, but content with high-quality graphics can easily remedy this.

Our top-notch Nominees use incredibly cinematic visuals to explore the Red Planet, form close bonds with others, meet robotic birds, enter VR thrillers, and view surrealist paintings! Cool, huh?

  • Surrealist VR by Sotheby’s
  • Alien: Covenant “In Utero” by RSA Films
  • One Morning by Lytro
  • A Trip to Mars with Buzz Aldrin in Virtual Reality by The Foundry @ Meredith Corp.
  • Fall In Love: Human Conversation In VR by Tool


This year, we’ve seen AR break new ground, across consumerism and beyond. Our judges have as well, and can see where it’s headed: Webby Executive Judge Chris Colborn, Chief Design and Innovation Officer at R/GA believes “we’ll see blurred boundaries between physical and digital as the years go on. AR could help us take what’s meaningful in the digital world, and give it more context in the physical world, so we’re more present.”

This year’s Nominees for Best Use of Augmented Reality improve users’ purchasing decisions, giving life to their wildest thoughts, helping them get acquainted with the universe, and are injecting the world with more magic.

  • Night Sky by iCandi Apps Ltd.
  • IKEA Place by SPACE10 + IKEA
  • SketchAR by SketchAR
  • ReBlink by Impossible Things
  • Lens Studio by Snap Inc.

We’re thrilled to honor this year’s VR and AR Nominees—from the immersive tear-jerkers we love, to AR apps that help us purchase a new sofa.

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